Last Night From Glasgow


Last Night From Glasgow

We are a record label founded on the principle of putting artists and their music first, we will be run entirely not for profit and managed by volunteers who will neither draw a salary nor take a share of the profits.

We are committed to ensuring artists receive remuneration for their works and their efforts without having to meet unrealistic demands, and we are determined to provide a viable alternative for both recording artists and consumers.

  • First Release

    Mark W. Georgsson "The Ballad Of The Nearly Man"
    Released 3rd June.

  • Second Release

    Emme Woods "I Don't Drink To Forget"
    Released 29th July.

  • Third Release

    TeenCanteen "Say It All With A Kiss"
    Released September 9th.

  • Forth Release

    Be Charlotte "Machines That Breathe"
    Released October 7th.


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