December 31, 2018



Since forming in 1994, bis have continually mutated their initial influences of Synth-pop, Riot Grrrl and DIY Punk into weird and wonderful songs with a natural gift for melodic earworms with a disco heartbeat. Whilst they never quite pulled-off the revolution they threatened to, they have still managed to survive the twists and turns of 20 years of Punk Disco. [read more...]

Broken Chanter

Broken Chanter is the adopted name of David MacGregor who has spent the past decade as the principal songwriter of Scottish Alt-Pop darlings Kid Canaveral. Following the completion of touring for Kid Canaveral’s third record in late 2017, the natural break allowed MacGregor time to collect his thoughts, and some song fragments, and flesh them out into skeletal demos recorded in Ardnamurchan, Skye, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Ireland. The first Broken Chanter album will be released into the world in September 2019. [read more...]


Pitched between infectiously melancholic indie-pop and angular, post-punk inflected stomps, South-East London / Brighton based Amber, Bry, Matty and Ol are Foundlings. [read more...]

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L-space create unique pop soundscapes using dreamy guitar and retro-futuristic synths interwoven with grooving bass, catchy beats and ethereal vocals. [read more...]

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Sister John

Sister John 2018
Sister John formed in somewhat serendipitous circumstances. Having all met whilst singing in The Parsonage Choir, Amanda cajoled the others into helping her perform her songs at a one off event. They immediately recognised the intrinsic musical understanding they shared as a group and were soon an inseparable gang. [read more...]

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