Cassette Boy Solo – Sort Of!

We are thrilled to announce the follow up to the remarkable Pi album will be released on 18 August. The strictly limited edition album will be available on swanky USB Cassette. yes it will look like a cassette but will be much more useful – promise! The album will be supported by a sensational launch[…]

Mark W. Georgsson – Faces And Places Vinyl LP Launch – Thursday 19th January 2017

Mark will release his debut album Faces and Places on January 27th but will launch the album at a special Celtic Connections show at the Hug and Pint. Mark will be joined by his friends and special guests to celebrate this event and you can be there too. You can also pre-order the album to[…]

LNfG Label Launch Night – Stephen Solo

We are proud to announce that the third and final act performing at our launch night will be Stephen Solo (aka Stephen Farrell singer/songwriter of Sonny Marvello) In 2015 Stephen began working on a solo project, his ambition to record, mix and master an album using only mobile technology and mobile apps. By the end[…]