March 5, 2016

For Artists

Last Night From Glasgow was set up with one simple objective, support fledgling artists by funding the production, marketing and distribution of their music, whilst promoting them and guaranteeing a revenue stream. Granted that’s a few objectives but they all role into one big concept and that big concept could be called “Doing It Differently”. The resurgence in vinyl sales combined with our funding model enables us to create a unique record label.  And lets be honest, what band doesn’t still dream of releasing a beautiful 12’ slab of vinyl?


Funding Artists

Nowadays, not only is it incredibly difficult for young artists and new bands to get noticed, it’s almost impossible for them to make any money doing what they love. The economics of the record industry can make it difficult for traditional record labels to take risks, both in signing new and unproven artists and investing in their long term success. Furthermore, artists rarely have the money to release physical recordings themselves.

At LNFG all directors work for nothing, We guarantee returns for our artists and promise to invest any returns we garner back into our existing artists and new ventures.

By providing a membership base, We can cover all costs up front and then return the lions share of all retail revenue to a band. The model is simple LNFG pay all production and distribution, we market, provide PR and run a retail operation on behalf of our artists guaranteeing a minimum return of 75% of all retail sales. So for example if we were to sell 200 albums at a price of £15 and artist would stand to earn 75% of £3000 = £2250 with all cost being borne by LNFG. 100% of all sales above 200 would be provided to the artist.

We have very few expectations, obviously we would wish you to engage within our community, supporting other bands signed to the label, interact with our members and perform one launch event for your record, this event would be primarily available to members of LNFG but if tickets were sold to members of the public 100% of the ticket sales would be passed to the band. LNFG would in turn provide merchandise support at all and any local events you were involved in.

If you are interested in becoming one of our artists you can contact us by: