July 8, 2019



Komponist (LNFGK) is a new label focussing on compositional artists as opposed to songwriters. It will concentrate on all forms of instrumental music, be it Jazz, Neoclassical, Electronica or Heavy Drone. Komponist will release new original material every 6-8 weeks and produce sampler compilations, highlighting the diverse and fascinating range of instrumental music that is being produced around the world.


Like its parent label, Komponist operates on a patronage basis. Our first membership run will be until December 2020. Existing members of LNFG can join Komponist for £10 (digital membership) or £15 (CD membership). Non-members of LNFG can buy a stand alone membership to Komponist for £15 (digital membership) or £20 (CD membership). You can also support Komponist via our Patreon site on a monthly basis.

All members and patrons receive all Komponist releases in lossless digital format, as well as invites to exclusive launch events. CD members will also receive major releases in beautifully presented packaging.

You can join Komponist here now: — join Komponist —


Release LNFGK04 is Yasuyuki Uesugi- “Artificial Mass”. It will be available digitally on all major platforms 27/03/20.

Yasuyuki Uesugi is a Japanese electronic music producer who creates music with keywords such as experimental, noise, minima, techno and ambient. All tracks are recorded in one shot, utilising an almost fully analogue workflow, based on custom analogue synthesizers made by JMT SYNTH (Japanese handmade synthesizer maker).

Release LNFGK03 is an expanded ‘director’s cut’ of “Music For Megastructures” by L-space. This will be our second CD digipak release out 31/01/20 and available for pre-order in our store — here —.

Described as a ‘cinematic electronic score for a city that does not exist yet’ the expanded work now unfolds over six chapters: Transport, Work, Health, Life, Kipple and Recycling.

Release LNFGK02RY is ‘Abstract Works’ by Peace Tape. Available as a digital release now, in conjunction with our friends at Reckless Yes.

7 abstract pieces, across 17 minutes. More details on Peace Tape website — here —. HQ download for all Komponist members.

Follow @peacetape on Instagram.

Release LNFGK01 is ‘Beast Rotations’ by The Site Of Future Rome. Fans of Godspeed! You Black Emperor and Explosions in the Sky will find much to love in this brooding post-rock masterpiece. Released 04/10/19 and orders are live on our shop now: — Order ‘Beast Rotations’ by The Site of Future Rome —


If you are interested in submitting music to the label, connect with our social media or fill in the contact form below.