March 5, 2016

For Members

In 2016 when we first announced our intention and invited members aboard, we anticipated releasing 4 vinyl records and arranging 4 events – by the end of the year we had in fact released 5 vinyl records, 4 physical USB albums/eps, 3 digital singles and albums, and managed 6 events. Members received all this plus access to our members forum for a mere £50.

We held our membership in 2017 at the same level and released 4 vinyl LP’s, 1 vinyl EP, 1 USB Album, and 7 digital singles. The facts are simple: by providing LNFG with funding, you facilitate all production and thus get to enjoy the fruits of these at essentially cost price.

This year we have 6 LP’s and a Book lined up already retail value of this year’s run will stand at well over £100, and that doesn’t include the 7 events we will be organising. It really is tremendous value for money.

We plan on capping memberships at 250 – best join soon if you are interested.

You can subscribe to LNfG for £50 per annum at our online store:


If you would like more information about becoming a member you can contact us by: