LNFG30 “Broken Chanter” – Broken Chanter (LNFOG03)

Released in conjunction with our very good friends Olive Grove Records – Broken Chanter’s debut album will be available on Black Vinyl, Milk White Vinyl and Duck Egg Blue Vinyl. There will also be a CD and a Digital Release. The album will be launched at The CCA in Glasgow on September 6th Pre-orders will[…]

LNFG29 “This Is Not A Zen Garden” – Domiciles

Released on 16th August and launched that night at Glasgow’s Old Hairdressers, Domiciles’ debut album is an astonishing study in harmonics and noise. Featuring the single “For A Reason” the album will be available on White Vinyl, Black Vinyl and CD from our store

LNFG27 “Let Go” – Loudmammoth

Loudmammoth introduce themselves to LNFG members and fans with their second single “Let Go” released on 28.06.19 and launched at an LNFG showcase at Newcastle’s Cumberland Arms on the same day. You can pre-order the single on square lathe cut 7″ vinyl and have it delivered on the night. You can also catch LNFG alumni[…]

LNFG26 “Nothing Else” – Sister John

Released on 14.06.19 and launched at a special show at LNFG Towers on 15.06.19. Nothing Else will be released digitally worldwide and will be available on a special AA Square 7″ featuring previous single I’m The One.

LNFOG02 “Wholesale” – Broken Chanter

Released Jointly with our friends at Olive Grove LNFOG02. Wholesale the debut single from Broken Chanter will be released on 24 May 2019 and will be available on a very rare 7″ Square Vinyl. The single will be launched at a duo of shows in Glasgow where Broken Chanter will be joined by Cloth.