November 25, 2018

Thank You!

Last Night From Glasgow could not exist or operate without the support we have received from hoards of individuals, from those who have helped us shape the label by providing their time, wisdom and talents: Davie Watson, Brian Sweeney & Gordon Johnstone and our scores of investing members. Thank you to each and every one of them, you know who you are but just in case you have forgotten:

David Adam, Glenn Airey, Briony Allan, Dougie Allan, Lucinda Allen, Paul Anderson, Mark Anderson, Colin Armes, Alison Armstrong, Nathalie Arthur, Sandy Bain, James Barker, Janus Basnov, David Beamer, Jen Beattie, Colin Bell, Nick Bell, Davy Bell, Duncan Black, Martin Black, David Blair, Colin Boyd, Stephen Boyd, Ciaran Boyle, Michael Bradshaw, Alistair Braidwood, Andrew Braidwood, Craig Brennan, Ronan Breslin, Roger Brough, Richard Brown, Shaun Buckett, Kerry Burley, Ian Caie, Gerry Calderhead, Stephen Cameron, Dave Cargill, Phil Carruthers, Terry Charleton, Michael Chivers, Graham Christie, Alan Clarke, Lisa Clarke, Shaun Clinton, Martin Cloonan, Dan Colbun, Niall Colgan, Alistair Cook, Damian Corbett, Tam Coyle, Ailie Crerar, AR Crow, Graham Cunning, Paul Curran, Brian Davidson, Amanda De Sylva, Gary Deveney, Kyle Dick, Gordon Dickson, Kevin Dingwall, Martin Dixon, Ewan Donald, Craig Donnelly, Colin Donnelly, Ronan Doran, Allan Drysdale, Gavin Dunbar, Murray Easton, Graeme Edgar, Rachel Elliot, Ernest Elliot, Graeme Ennis, Laurence Estanove, Paul Ewing, Frank Finlayson, Paul Finnegan, Alan Finney, Alistair Fitchit, Ali Fleming, Marie Flemming, Alan Flemming, Hannah Fortin, Gareth Fraser, George Futcher, William Gallacher, Amy Garrick, Mike Geddes, Julie Gibson, Andrew Gilmour, Mark Gordon, Paul Graham, Scott Graham, Charlie Gray, Paul Haggerty, Phil Halewood, John Hamilton, Bill Hamilton, Blair Hanlon, John Harkin, Brian Harkins, Michael Harkness, Ian Harris, Dominic Hawthorne, Stewart Henderson, David Hepburn, Graham Hill, Andrew Hince, Stuart Hobbs, Graeme Holmes, Jonathan Hope, Jamie Houston, Chris Howes, Martin Hudson, Lynne Hunter, Rab Hutchison, David Hynes, Andy Hynes, Andrew Irvine, Leona Irvine, Martin Jack, Sandy Jackson, Neil Jamieson, Daria Jaszcz, Anthony Jenkins, Seb Johnson, Peter Johnston, Sally Johnston, Dale Johnston, Loraine Johnston, Tracey Johnstone, Brian Johnstone, Darren Jones, Dagny Jonsdottir, Peter Joseffson, Adam Judge, Joe Judge, Gary Kaill, Ben Kay, Martin Kelly, Stephen Kelly, Ed Kelly, Scott Kelso, Kenny Kerr, Paul Kerr, Liz Knox, Kevin Kuras, Sarah Lay, Rose Little, Danny Livingston, Robert MacDonald, Emma MacDonald, Stephen MacDowall Laing, Oliver MacFadden, James Mackay, Scott Mackenzie, Dave MacKenzie, Thomas Mackie, Michael Maloney, Eric Manfredi, Graham Marjoribanks, Thomas Marsden, Stephen Marshall, Doug Martin, Neil Mason, Neil Matheson, Mar Maudlsey, Alan Maxwell, Andrew McAinsh, Greg McArthur, Jane McAteer, Derek McCutcheon, Irene McDade, Iain McDonald, David McElroy, Iain McFadyen, Ray McGaghan, Brian McGibbon, John McGonagle, Dave McGregor, Rob McGuire, Neal Mcharg, Warren McIntyre, Douglas McIntyre, Francis McKee, Amanda McKeown, Alistair McKinnon, Scott McKinnon, Scott McLachlan, James McLeod, Ken McLuskey, Laura McMahon, Sandy McMillan, James McMorrow, John McMurtrie, Mo McRoberts, Lloyd Meredith, John Millar, Calum Millican, Chris Mooney, Iain Morrison, Calum Morrison, Ali Morrison, Luke Moscrop, Ross Mullen, Neil Murdoch, Ian Murdoch, Paul Myatt, Simon Naylor, Sandy Neil, Andrew Nicol, Kevin Noon, Emma Olver, Michael Ozmond, Mark Patek, Annie Paterson, Craig Paterson, David Perman, Brian Peters, Sean Philips, Heather Philips, Nick Pitman, Lawrence Pont, Sue Price, Scott Pyper, Ross Quigley, Mike Quigley, Phil Redfearn, Craig Redpath, George Reid, Alan Rew, Michael Richardson, Mark Ritchie, Viv Robertson, Duncan Robertson, Jim Robins, James Rogers, Adam Rosengard, Jess Rowbottom, Derek Sawyers, Frazer Scott, Peter Scott, Jim Shields, James Simpson, Graeme Simpson, Ross Sinclair, Gordon Skilling, Gary Sloan, Bridget Sly, Julia Smith, Derek Smith, Mark Smith, Ian Smith, Deborah Smith, Levon Smith, Kerry-Anne Smith, Alan Smith, Andy Smith, Richard Smith, Flora Smith, Brian Spence, Mairin Spinks, Colin Stalker, Chris Stockdale, Simon Stuart, Mark Stuart, Donna Swabey, Brian Sweeney, Colin Sykes, Gordon Taylor, Gavin Templeton, Stefan Termen, Clea Thompson, Campbell Thompson, Stuart Thomson, James Thomson, Paul Thomson, Joe Tinney, Jonathan Todd, Paul Twist, Dave Valentine, Jim Waddell, Wendy Walker, Malcolm Wallace, Stephen Walls, Chris Walters, Peter Ward, Brendan Waters, Duncan Watson, Will Watson, Davie Watson, Stephen Watt, David Welsh, David Weston, Steven Whalley, Paul White, Hamish Whittle, Martin Wilson, Neil Wilson, Steven Wilson, Lorraine Wilson, John Wilson, Darren Wood, David Wright, Gavin Young, Douglas Young, Neil Younger & Charlene Zvonalek.

Finally special thanks to Mark, Morgan, Stephen, Carla, Debs, Sita, Chloe, Charlotte, Reggie, Richardson, Lizzie, Amanda, Jonny, Sophie, Heather, Ian, Michael, Albert, Gus, Calum, Joe, Gordon, Dickson, Lily, Maura, Jonathan, Johnny, Rory, Gary, Eric, Monica, Amanda, Celia, Rachael, Claire, Paul, Nick, Rory, Amber, Brian, Matthew, Olly, Steven, John, Manda, Mairi, Jack, Paul, Declan, Rachel and Will for making LNFG their home.

Oh and a shout out to The Old Hairdressers, Sleazys, The Hug and Pint, The Glad Cafe, The Doublet, The CCA and Stereo for being such great hosts.

…. and we almost forgot …. to LP Records, Assai Music, Love Music and Monorail for being just all round good eggs!