LNFG1: More AirPlay

The thrills just keep coming.

It was always going to be a rare treat hearing our very first release played on the radio, equally thrilling for us was to hear the AA side make its international debut on Icelandic radio. We would like to say a massive thank you to Andri Freyr Viðarsson and Guðrún Dís Emilsdóttir for giving “Söngur hins mædda manns” it’s first airplay on Virkir morgnar á RÁS 2.

You can skip to 1hr 53mins to hear a short interview with Mark W Georgsson, Andri and Guðrún which is followed by Sigríður Thorlacius and Arnar Guðjonsson’s Icelandic version of “The Ballad Of The Nearly Man”:



More details about Release LNFG1 here.