August 21, 2019

Artist Submission Guidelines

The team at LNFG receive lots and lots of submissions, and we listen to and respond to every single one. As you can imagine, this is extremely time consuming for our volunteers. Help us to help you by reviewing the following guidelines before submitting.

  1. LNFG has no defined music policy, but a review of our artist roster should give you an idea of what we like and release. We have limited capacity to release, so we really are looking for out of the ordinary acts to work with. Tell us what you have that the others don’t. Try to avoid describing your sound in terms of other artists – if you sound too much like any one band you’re unlikely to make the cut. Talk genres, movements and influences if you must.
  2. Tailor your submission, why do you want to work with us? We can spot a copy and paste job, especially when you forget to change the name of the last label you submitted to.
  3. LNFG is volunteer run, so we value working with good people. Tell us about you / your band, your plans, expectations, what you need help with etc. A bit of personality, and a well crafted submission, always grabs our attention.
  4. Have realistic timeline expectations – it’s great that you have an album ready to go, that you want us to release the following month, but we aren’t able to turn physical releases around in that time.
  5. Please try and share new(ish) material – we are unlikely to be able to make a decision to work with you based on songs you released 2 years ago. At least give the label an indication of what future releases might sound like, even if they are just rough demos. It is helpful to tell us what stage of the recording process material is at. A “I know it’s rough, but here’s the sound we’re going for” helps us focus on the music, not the quality of the recording.
  6. LNFG only release previously unreleased material. If it’s been out on bandcamp etc, we will not release it.