LNFGd65 “Feed The Engines” – L-space

The new album from L-space will be released on CD and Digitally, with the option of a build your own 7″ single. The album has already garnered significant critical acclaim and will be available on 03.04.20

LNFGd64 “Saskia” – Life Model

The first LNFG release from Life Model is a doozy, shimmering, slacker bliss – come catch them launch it at The Old Hairdressers on release day 27.03.20

Transatlantacism – LNFG Go Continental!

Last Night From Glasgow are delighted to announce a new signing for the 2020 season and beyond. André Salvador and the Von Kings is the moniker of mysterious singer/songwriter Tim Cheplick, a Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist who pens “tasty psych/indie tunes that feel modern and forward thinking” (The Deli). Born in Wisconsin but raised on the East[…]

LNFGd63 “Less Jools More Top Of The Pops” – Slime City

On March 20th those pesky Slime City kids will re-release their anthem “Less Jools More Top Of The Pops” and this time it will be a hit! Oh yes it will! Not only that but if you ask us nicely we will make you a 7″ single and better still you can choose your own[…]

LNFGd62 “Better Run” – Lemon Drink

Lemon Drink release their debut EP on 14.03.20. 4 shimmering tracks recorded at La Chunky Studios under the watchful gaze of Johnnie Smilie (Thrum) Jonathan Lilley (The Gracious Losers) and Chris Smith (Life Model)