LNFGd76 “The Days Drift Away (Canopy of Dust Remix)” – Close Lobsters

Close Lobsters bring you a special remix of their track The Days Drift Away on 7th August. As it’s not the version of the song that appears on their epic album Post Neo Anti be a good idea to get your hands on it via this link: https://songwhip.com/close-lobsters/the-days-drift-away-canopy-of-dust-remix Watch the video here:

LNFGd75 “One of a Kind” – Mark W. Georgsson

The first song from Georgsson’s upcoming EP is released 31st July. He had this to say about it; “I wrote One Of A Kind one Sunday morning after seeing one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen walk into a bar the night before. I’ve not seen her again since. There’s also another subtle[…]

LNFGd74 “On the Run” – In The Forest

Released 24th July In The Forest release their first single via LNFG which will also be part of a mighty exciting limited edition 7″vinyl AA side with label buddies Nicol & Elliot. https//shop.lastnightfromglasgow.com/products/in-the-forest-nicol-elliott-split-7

LNFGd73 “Dark Slopes Away” – Mt.Doubt

The final single to be lifted from their forthcoming album, ‘Dark Slopes Away’ is released 17th July 2020. Once again we hear that alluring melancholy that Mt. Doubt do so well. Their album is available to order; https://shop.lastnightfromglasgow.com

LNFGd71 “Isolation Sessions EP” – Various Artists

Here is a snippet of what is to come from the Isolation Sessions. Lend your ears to the sounds of Bis, Lemon Drink, Lola in Slacks and Mt. Doubt and get excited about the main event which will officially be released in August but is already available to order. Isolation Sessions EP released 5th June.[…]

LNFGd70 “Four Deuces” – Deer Leader

Deer Leader release their first LNFG single Four Deuces on 26th June. Produced by Andy Miller (Mogwai, Arab Strap, Life Without Buildings) this is gloriously, creeping and menacing post-rock epic from this Glasgow based trio.Suspense has never sounded so glorious. LNFGd70 “Four Deuces” – Deer Leader

LNFGd69 “Caravans on a Hill” – Mt. Doubt

Mt. Doubt release ‘Caravans on the Hill on 1st May, the second single off their upcoming album, Doutblands. An atmospheric and emotive story of the downward spiral of a personal relationship, introspective and smouldering. LNFGd69: “Caravans on a Hill” – Mt. Doubt

LFNGd67 “Paper” – Starless

The new single from Starless featuring Emma Pollock, released 17th April 2020. The second single from the forthcoming album, Earthbound. LNFGd67: “Paper” – Starless