Return To Factory Settings – Louder Than War Meets LNFG 2017

Glasgow’s newest music label LAST NIGHT FROM GLASGOW is making an impact across Scotland using tried, tested, debated but ultimately unique, ideologies endorsed by much-missed Mancunian record company Factory.  Glasgow writer and poet Stephen Watt met with LNfG co-founder Murray Easton to investigate what the fuss is all about, if lessons have been learnt, and[…]

Say It All With A Kiss

A selection of kind words about the first LNFG album release: …vibrant and irrepressibly enjoyable….a mixture of delicate dream pop and garage rock topped off with subtle synth work…. Tenement TV …a delightful riot of massive beats, swooning harmonies and the gutsy-sweet wonder of front woman Carla Easton and co…. The National   … essential purchase. The Herald[…]

Mark On Bandwagonesque

Teenage Fanclub are a band I’ve been aware of for years. But, for some unknown reason, I’ve never really sat down and listened to them, I honestly don’t know why… until a few weeks ago. A friend put their Grand Prix album on in his workshop and I was instantly hooked. I mentioned this to Ian and Murray from LNfG. So, when[…]

Stephen on Felt

Every now and again you come across an album that stops you dead in your tracks and demands that you sit and listen to it, for me one of the finest examples of this is German pianist Nils Frahm’s Felt. Recorded in his Berlin flat with bolts of felt laid across the piano wires to[…]

Andy on Hatful Of Hollow

“Hatful of Hollow” by The Smiths: where to begin? Probably not the best Smiths album, and certainly not their first, it is however my favourite. The first Smiths album, the eponymously titled (Pretentious? Moi?) “The Smiths” was released at the start of 1984, and “Hatful” at the tail end of the same year.  Whilst their[…]