December 17, 2019



Hive is designed as an initiative for artists, by artists. It provides a self contained toolkit allowing them to utilise the resources of an existing label to publish, release and promote their own catalogue. The construct is designed to encourage artists to work together in a mutually beneficial way and to share the responsibilities that come with releasing music.

Hive will allow unsigned acts to publish their music catalogue, apply for synch opportunities, release their music into worldwide aggregation, promote their releases into worldwide press outlets and obtain plugging into UK radio stations. Once accepted into Hive, artists will work together and share the responsibilities involved in releasing, promoting and managing the music they wish to release, within the supporting construct of LNFG.

The basic service will be free to access, with no charges for aggregation or promotion. Publishing will operate via Sentric (LNFG Publishing), utilising their standard rates and processes.

If you are interested in being considered as a Hive community member, drop us a note using the contact form at the bottom of the page.


Nicol & Elliott – ‘My Heart Will Wait’

The first release to benefit from Hive was the debut EP from Nicol & Elliott – ‘My Heart Will Wait’, released 24th January 2020.

Established friends of LNFG, the songwriting duo Andrew Nicol and Rachel Elliott release folk tinged Americana in the Southern Gothic tradition.

Nicol and Elliott online:

Vulture Party – ‘Vulture Party’

The second Hive release is the self-titled album from Vulture Party. The band utilise a blend of female and male vocals (often dual), authentic piano, effect-laden guitars, a microKORG synth, 5-string pulsing bass and driving beats to produce disquieting alt-pop for the socially conscious. 

Watch the video for their debut single ‘New Humans‘, shot and directed by musician and award-winning filmmaker, Adam Stafford — here —.

Vulture Party online:

David Luximon – ‘Duty of Care’

The third Hive release is David Luximon – ‘Duty of Care’.

In light of the Covid19 Crisis, Edinburgh-born artist David Luximon (Vive La Rose) released a new single, with all sales going to Age UK/Age Scotland.

Age UK are currently doing essential work under incredibly difficult circumstances, ensuring that the elderly and isolated among us continue to be supported and maintain access to food in difficult times.

Released on all major digital platforms 8th May 2020 and direct from

David Luximon online:

The Muldoons – ‘Made For Each Other’

The fourth Hive release is the long awaited debut album from Paisley’s The Muldoons and is a glorious jangly guitar lovers dream.

The music will excite lovers of Lou Reed, Lloyd Cole, Lawrence and of course, the sound of Johnny Marr’s guitar. The Muldoons are inspired by bands like the Brilliant Corners, The Bodines, JuneBrides and all the great indie outfits who might have graced John Peels evening shows.

The Muldoons online:


If you are interested in being considered as a Hive community member, drop us a note using the contact form below.