September 23, 2020

Keychange Pledge

Last Night From Glasgow are proud to sign up to the Keychange Pledge for equality in the music industy.

Who are Keychange?

Keychange is a movement fighting for a sustainable music industry. They support talented but underrepresented artists and encourage organisations to take a pledge for gender equality. Keychange works to achieve better gender balance and inclusivity for gender minorities on stage and behind the scenes.

Supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, Keychange is a global network and movement working towards a total restructure of the music industry in reaching full gender equality. Keychange consists of partners collaborating from 12 different countries, working proactively to make this change.

Why are LNFG joining the Keychange Pledge?

More than half of the acts on Last Night From Glasgow are female fronted. This has not been by design but because the talent dictated it. As a label we have been very vocal about the distinct lack of gender balance across music and the live music scene. Many organisations will fight against pressure to look at their existing practices but we see signing up to the Keychange commitment to remain gender balanced as a step that can only be a positive one.