March 10, 2019


There is a great deal more to being in a band than simply recording, releasing and performing music. Whilst the industry nowadays makes it incredibly easy to achieve all of that, the path to each and beyond is littered with dangers and obstacles. Having a clear focussed approach is invaluable, having someone to simply provide advice and support can be equally important.

LNFG handle and manage all aspects of manufacture, distribution and promotion of each record we release but the promotion and support of a band can go way beyond the releasing of a record. From dealing with funding applications, negotiating with promoters, managing festival bookings, organising tours, booking supports, managing band finances – the job of running a band can be a daunting and heavy load to bear.

LNFGM can help, either by providing basic advice, helping set up and map your bespoke business plan or actually taking on the full time responsibility of managing the band’s fortunes.

You need not be an LNFG artist to seek our advice and support, nor need you engage with us in a management capacity if you are signed to the label as an artist.

If you would like to discuss our services in greater depth then please drop us a message.