March 7, 2020

Past Night From Glasgow

The aim of Past Night From Glasgow (PNFG) is to identify much loved, occasionally maligned or outright ignored classic albums from our past. These will be meticulously repackaged, remastered and reissued with new liner notes, occasional bonus tracks, and all the love and respect they deserve. View all things PNFG in the — PNFG Shop —.


The Bluebells – ‘Sisters’

Slotted for worldwide release at the end of November 2020 we are delighted to launch PNFG with The Bluebells – ‘Sisters’.

This release is fully remastered and features two bonus tracks produced by Elvis Costello. The band were never perfectly happy with the version of “Everybody’s Somebodys Fool”, so have substituted a different – more Bluebells – version for this release.

Also features new liner notes and updated art.