LNFG35: “Earthbound” – Starless

Released 29.05.20 the long awaited second album from Starless (aka Paul McGeechan).
The album features new original tracks performed by Starless and featuring Emma Pollock, Julie Fowlis. Steven Lindsay, Grahame Skinner, Jerry Burns and Chris Thomson.


LNFG34: “A Different Port” – Medicine Men

Released on 15.05.20.. LNFG are proud to bring you the new long player from Medicine Men, featuring the singles “Back on Board” and “Getaway Driver”

Released on black, transparent magenta and transparent yellow vinyl, CD and DL. […]

LNFGd65 “Feed The Engines” – L-space

The new album from L-space will be released on CD and Digitally, with the option of a build your own 7″ single. The album has already garnered significant critical acclaim and will be available on 03.04.20

LNFGd64 “Saskia” – Life Model

The first LNFG release from Life Model is a doozy, shimmering, slacker bliss – come catch them launch it at The Old Hairdressers on release day 27.03.20

LNFGd63 “Less Jools More Top Of The Pops” – Slime City

On March 20th those pesky Slime City kids will re-release their anthem “Less Jools More Top Of The Pops” and this time it will be a hit! Oh yes it will! Not only that but if you ask us nicely we will make you a 7″ single and better still you can choose your own[…]

LNFGd62 “Better Run” – Lemon Drink

Lemon Drink release their debut EP on 14.03.20. 4 shimmering tracks recorded at La Chunky Studios under the watchful gaze of Johnnie Smilie (Thrum) Jonathan Lilley (The Gracious Losers) and Chris Smith (Life Model)