LNFG 2018/2019 Vinyl Roster Nears Completion

On Sunday Last Night From Glasgow completed another of their new season signings and are delighted to announce that the mesmerisingly talented Zoe Bestel  will be releasing her new album through the label. Earmarked for a June 2018 release, she joins Bis, Radiophonic Tuckshop and L Space in confirming new albums in 2018. The response to the announcement was spectacularly encouraging with fans and members uniting to praise the partnership.

Zoe “I’m so humbled to now be with a label Ive admired with a fab team who I can completely trust to look after me and my music”

We have admired Zoe for a long time and can’t wait to get cracking on supporting and promoting this prodigiously talented young lady.

As for next years schedule, two more albums will be revealed shortly, fans and members can look forward to the usual burst of digital releases, CD’s and events over and above the albums already announced.