LNFG in double signing swoop!

Despite everything being a little up in the air – our Hive imprint is getting busy behind the scenes and we are delighted to announce, not one, but two new signings.
First off we welcome Paisley’s The Muldoons who will be releasing their new album in late July. The album will be out on Vinyl and yon new fangled digital downloads. We sincerely hope we will be able to coordinate some form of launch event but we may have to wait till later in the year for that. A single will be out before summer and the album should be good for pre-order in the coming couple of weeks.

Second to join the ranks, we welcome Lola in Slacks. Plans are in place for a debut album in October, obviously a single before and, again, sizeable hopes for a launch event – surely we will be out of the house by October?
The band will be contributing a track to our Isolation Sessions -it’s not how we planned on kicking things off but hey – needs must!

We hear rumours of a Broken Chanter cover which could be fascinating!

The Muldoons – album due July 2020
Lola In Slacks album due October 2020