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Last Night from Glasgow Records

Last Night from Glasgow Records is the first not-for-profit crowdfunded record label in Scotland (possibly the world). The label aims to release five vinyl records per year.

A group of six music fans from Glasgow have co-founded Scotland’s first crowdfunded record label.

Ian Smith, Murray Easton, Andy Hynes, Joe Judge, Stephen Kelly and Ross Mullen were all relative strangers until a meeting on 22nd February 2016.

These six board members committed to funding the first Last Night From Glasgow release – a double AA side 7-inch by Mark W Georgsson and friends, with the AA side sung in Icelandic.

The label aimed to attract 100 members each paying a £50 per year membership fee for all vinyl releases and access to exclusive parties and gigs.

Amazingly, and as a testament to the enthusiasm of the music lovers of Glasgow, these memberships have almost sold out. It is anticipated that a waiting list for memberships will be in operation following the official label launch on 31/03/16.

Murray explained the birth of the label; ‘I received an email from Ian back in January about meeting for a beer to discuss an idea he had to form a record label. The idea was great and I added my own thoughts to it. Within 30-minutes we thought we had an exciting and relatively foolproof plan to form a new record label.’

Ian added; ‘I have helped to crowdfund several artists’ programmes over the last couple of years. It is an incredible way for bands or artists to raise the funds to support their work and to involve fans on their journey’.

‘Murray and I had never met until January but our shared passion for music, my business knowledge and Murray’s background in fundraising meant that we came up with some exciting ideas on forming a label. Within a couple of meetings we had a name, bank account, had registered the company, set up a website and social media and sent off for test pressings for our first release.’



For further information about the label or release, or interview opportunities with label owners, members or artists, please contact Murray on 07729 390 558 or email

The first release on Last Night in Glasgow Records has been confirmed as

A – Mark W. Georgsson featuring Katie McArthur – The Ballad Of The Nearly Man

AA – Sigríður Thorlacius ásamt Arnari Guðjónssyni – Söngur hins mædda manns

Songs by Mark W. Georgsson


Production by Rod Jones (Idlewild)

Rod Jones Wikipedia

Artwork by Brian Sweeney