LNFG Presents The Isolation Sessions

In a bid to raise funds for beleaguered venues and in an attempt to keep over 20 artists busy – we are delighted to bring you The Isolation Sessions.

Over the next 4 weeks our artists will be charged with recording, at home, a cover version of another LNFG act’s song. We will then mix and master the tracks selecting the best for a Vinyl LP and including all in a CD. All proceeds from both will be donated to those venues who have suffered as a consequence of an LNFG cancellation.

Already confirmed contributions include :

Cloth covering Annie Booth

Foundlings covering The Close Lobsters

Lemon Drink covering TeenCanteen

Mt. Doubt covering Sister John.

The Gracious Losers covering Domiciles.

We have plans for a live event at the end of this journey and shall keep you posted on that, in the interim why don’t you buy a copy of the album in our store? It’s already our shop’s second biggest selling record ever, having raised a whopping £3500 in its first 5 days of existence.