Mark On Bandwagonesque

Teenage Fanclub are a band I’ve been aware of for years. But, for some unknown reason, I’ve never really sat down and listened to them, I honestly don’t know why… until a few weeks ago.

A friend put their Grand Prix album on in his workshop and I was instantly hooked. I mentioned this to Ian and Murray from LNfG.

So, when I turned up to meet Ian and Murray to discuss a few things about my single, Ian had bought me the Teenage Fanclub LP, Bandwagonesque as a welcome to the label present, a very nice touch.

It’s just great. “The Concept” what an opener, great song. I love the guitar sounds, so clear yet so dirty and grungy too. The harmonies are delightful, along with brilliant catchy melodies built into great arrangements. It’s a trend that carries on throughout the record.

Tracks like “I Don’t Know”, “Pet Rocks” and “Guiding Star” are up there with some of the best indie guitar/pop music I’ve heard.

Again, simply put, it’s just a great album.

Mark W. Georggsson