Komponist Hits Release Number Three

In July 2019 we announced the launch of a new LNFG imprint – Komponist. This innovation was driven by the number of quality left-of-centre instrumental submissions we were rejecting, due primarily to not being considered ‘LNFG enough’. Other than a requirement for works to be primarily instrumental, the curation policy for Komponist was kept deliberately loose to attract as wide a variety of interesting and challenging submissions as possible. Like LNFG Komponist would operate on a membership model – either standalone, or as an add-on for LNFG members.

Cat. No.ArtistTitleFormat(s)Release Date
LNFGK01Site of Future RomeBeast RotationsCD + Digital04/10/19
LNFGK02RYPeace TapesAbstract WorksDigital29/12/19
LNFGK03L-spaceMusic for MegastructuresCD + Digital31/01/20

LNFGK01 – The Site of Future Rome – ‘Beast Rotations’

We officially launched on the 4th of October with a classic brooding post-rock piece ‘Beast Rotations’ by The Site of Future Rome. This occasion was marked by a listening party at the headquarters of LNFG, aka “LNFG Towers”.

Fans of Slint, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Explosions in the Sky or Mogwai will find this release to be a fine addition to their collection.

LNFGK02RY – Peace Tape – ‘Abstract Works’

We took things in a more challenging direction with our second release on 29th November. Seven pieces of abstract music to soundtrack your life to, released in conjunction with our friends at Reckless Yes.

Experimental and sharing much with modern art, the listener was encouraged to explore these digital / analogue soundscapes, pocketed with manipulated sonics, in any order they chose.

LNFGK03 – L-space – ‘Music for Megastructures’

Our third release – due 31/01/20 – will be L-space – ‘Music for Megastructures’. An instrumental “…score for a city that does not exist yet”, it was previously released digitally, without much fanfare, as LNFGd36. It developed a word-of-mouth following, even being included in author Ian Rankin’s 2019 albums of the year list.

For this release, in our signature digipak format, the band have added two new chapters, ‘Kipple’ with new material, and ‘Recycling’, featuring remixes from the ‘Transport’, ‘Work’, ‘Health’ and ‘Life’ chapters.

LNFGK04 and beyond

Look out for LNFGK04 being announced in the new year, followed by a full programme of interesting, challenging and unexpected releases – all fitting our instrumental and compositional brief.

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