LNFG 2020 Roster Completed

After many months of discussion, consideration and reflection Last Night From Glasgow are delighted to announce that – at long last – the Life Model shaped hole in their roster has been plugged by none other than …. Life Model

The 5-piece dream pop band from Glasgow, made up of Sophie Evans (vocals and guitar), Chris Smith (guitar), Helen Farrow-Thoms (keys and backing vocals), Cameron McDougall (bass) and Michael McDonald (drums) will release singles, EP’s and a full LP over the next 18 or so months. The band will also play LNFG’s mildly legendary Birthday Bash at The CCA on 11th April.

Named as one of Vic Galloway’s ‘Ones to Watch in 2018’, the band mixes classic indie and pop of the likes of The Sundays with the noisier leanings of bands like Sonic Youth.

Their sound has been described as pop-drenched melody, supplemented with layers of reverberating noise – “like they’ve taken Harriet Wheeler from The Sundays and asked her to sing on the kind of song Ride used to write.” – For The Rabbits.

We can’t wait to get started with them