Membership Options announced for 2020

We are delighted to detail the membership options for 2020 and the various releases that are confirmed.

A basic LNFG Membership remains a bargain of epic proportions at a mere £55.00 plus postage. Colour Vinyl enthusiasts can secure membership for £60.00 plus postage, whilst at the top end of the spectrum Vinyl obsessives can secure Black, Colour and Test Pressings for £125.00

You can add on membership to our Komponist Imprint for £15.00 and if you fancy join our partnership with Reckless Yes and secure their membership for £45.00 in addition to your LNFG bundle.

Confirmed releases for 2020 are as follows

New Singles fom all the L’s – Lemon Drink, Loudmammoth and L-space in January/February. (Digital)

New Albums from Close Lobsters, L-space, Medicine Men, Starless, Gracious Losers, Foundlings and Mt. Doubt (Vinyl / CD / Digital)

New EP’s from Life Model, Kohla and The Martial Arts. (CD / Digital)

Members will also glean the chance to secure free tickets to any album launch events and a free ticket to our semi legendary birthday bash – which takes place on May 23rd and features amongt others – Slime City, Lemon Drink and Life Model.