Say Hello to Komponist.

Last Night From Glasgow are proud to announce that in the last quarter of 2019, we shall launch a new label “Komponist” focussed on the compositional artists as opposed to songwriters. Concentrating on all forms of instrumental music, be it Jazz, NeoClassical, Electronica or Heavy Drone. Komponist will release new original material every 6-8 weeks and produce sampler compilations and CD’s highlighting the diverse and facsinating range of instrumental music that is being produced around the world.

Press Release Reads :

Last Night From Glasgow are proud, thrilled and a little bemused to announce Komponist. Komponist has been borne of the frustration of being unable to assist all those incredible, left of centre artists that send remarkable music in to the main company. At LNFG, we have always been very proud of our ability to cross genres and support music that might not normally receive backing, that said, even we have walked away from some projects because of our inability to see where it might fit. It thus seemed rather obvious to us that the best solution to this problem was to create a home for that work.
Komponist (as the name might suggest) will focus on composers not songwriters. We will release electronica, neo classical, jazz, techno, heavy drone, scores, anything with an focus on the musical work itself.
Like LNFG before it Komponist will be founded on the principle of collaboration and cooperation, we will operate a patronage model and we invite people to join Komponist as patrons. Here is how it will work.
Komponist will officially launch on September 1st 2019, we will however run the first year of the label through until December 31st 2020, thus anyone joining the label now will enjoy 16 months of music and engagement. We will release at least 6 albums per annum, these will be produced on lossless download WAV/FLAC and we will also aim to make them available on CD. Vinyl releases are also being considered and will be confirmed in the coming weeks/months.
We already have our first release lined up and will announce that shortly.

Existing Members of LNFG can join Komponist for £6 (Digital Membership) or £10 (CD Membership) until December 2020
Non Members of LNFG can buy a stand alone membership to Komponist for £10 (Digitally) or £15 (CD) until December 2020.
You can also support Komponist via our Patreon site on a monthly basis.

Members of Komponist will of course enjoy free entry to all and any shows that we put on in collaboration with our new roster of Artists

If you are interested in submitting music to the label, you will find links to our facebook, twitter and instagram pages, along with a contact form here:

You can join Komponist here :